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Cypher lyrics

Cypher lyrics by Chocolate City
Cypher lyrics

Cypher lyrics by Chocolate City, Chocolate City, a prominent Nigerian record label, has released ‘Chocolate City Cypher’ to celebrate its 20th anniversary and honor 50 years of hip-hop. The song features top-notch rappers from the label, including M.I Abaga, Ice Prince, Blaqbonez, Jesse Jagz, A-Q, and Loose Kaynon.

The lyrics of Chocolate City Cypher pay tribute to the hip-hop genre, which has significantly influenced the culture and identity of Nigerian youth. The rappers showcase their lyrical prowess, flow, and delivery on a compelling beat produced by Abuchi Peter Ugwu, the CEO of Chocolate City. The song also gives respect to hip-hop legends like Mohbad, Oladips, Nas, Jay-Z, and Tupac.

Accompanied by a video directed by the renowned Nigerian filmmaker XYZ, Chocolate City Cypher captures the essence of hip-hop with elements like graffiti, breakdancing, DJing, and freestyling. The video also features cameo appearances by other label artists, including Nosa, Dice Ailes, and CKay.

Chocolate City – Cypher lyrics 

Blaq Bonez

yeah yeah
riding for my door from a start
this basic principal
rest of y’all pitiful
Hush Puppy I’m interpol
talking to you Twitter trolls
I’m not trying to be condescending my [ _ ]
I’m just speaking from the Pinnacle
every second is billable
a ship is Unsinkable
2023 whip the evidence is clear
but yours is inadmissible
I’m a 6ft skinny boy
I’m and … [ _ ] can get physical
better than black that’s fictional
[ _ ] who lied to you
that’s kind of typical of yes man’s delusional
me and stupid not mixable
all my niggas got something upstairs
another Bungalow
every single move is another play for the envelope
never settle for less
I’m not trying to stay afloat
I’m really trying to buy a boat
Jeff Bezos in 6 months
that’s a slender hope
if you’re not feeling me
that you take away your right to vote
the disrespect man it’s forgivable
Jesus said turn your left cheek
y know it’s biblical
that’s what I told your girl last week
when we was frictional
I don’t do back and forth with no chick
unless Arena though
I could lose every point
but you know I’m going serve
the charm is irresistible
couple bags no fundable
and make a must shine
not tribalistic it’s traditional
social engineering got me feeling like I’m back in school
Mr Gbadebo look at me I’m unapproachable
I this rapper for like 5 years
don’t get no ideas go conversation
I will be there
that’s what you guys fear
y’all niggas want hits
It’s really go to a Miss
I’m way to versatile quietly making hella moves
they gave me an in universe
that’s hella rude
my only celebrity crush is Mega good
I’m kidding there’s a ton of beauts, ton of bad bitches
[Music] sh bad [ _ ] [ _ ] niggas

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Hip hop is 50 that’s golden
I’m still here it’s Gods engineering
I got two here three coming
Rose from the concrete in September
I shed a few tears
I’ve been blessed forever
before I grew beards they too scared
back in C City I was the bag boy for a few years
now this City Boys is at the helm of affairs
it’s a new year
running hip up fuck your rap link
I’m on some soft thighs
she’s nasty,
nastier than Nasty C’s top five
I see the greatest is debated if it’s not I, what a surprise
I’m someway on the beach watching the sunrise
tell me what’s the upside when publishing is sinking us
diamond in the rough but sharp enough to
get your princess cut
study my prophecies,
my lyrics are now my doctrines
young soldier of the Lord, the YSL is on my stock jeans
truly humble under God this young thug
is going to judge him
turn the Gunna in your crew to a gunner
like the sports team
shots ring, hands all over you like a touch screen
from dust you came from dust back to the dust bin
you rappers are disgusting
tell me something more compelling
than walking up to me hands open like Jude Bellingham
don’t let them gas you
I’m Noble but I’m unstable out of my
elements still shaking up periodic tables
created the system you’re just files in the folder
and when I feel like folding I hold my composure
that’s pep talk
Lexus came with police escorts
standing on business if it’s business homey let’s talk
anything else don’t get a response I just press pause
why the fuck am I here I got meetings with investors
I’m ghost

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Loose Kaynon

look reds like Bigfoot here’s another one
stand cool like an island so I don’t bother none
do business by the cold
I treat my niggas like my mother son
they want to get the team
back together go on another run
now I’m living different a babysit in the whip
an accountant on the team
he’s babysit in the splits
you can catch me on the beach chair lazy sip in the sprits
but don’t boost me the call
I’m crazy spitting this shit
so here goes you bunch of weirdos look the part
Bo you some scarecrow cosplaying a giant this niggas wear stos
I don’t do verbals just pay attention homie
There’s levels I stay behind the scene pulling the strings
I’m shapedo you rocking shit
in the same spot but you got motion
I laugh it off cuz I know better
Yeah you need promotion you ain’t
fooling nobody plus you ain’t pulling no bodies
All that killing niggas in your verse we ain’t see no bodies
Every day I leave my enemies pipe dream i bet
Your favorite rapper sell his soul so just to switch places
I’m still spitting pen flooded with
ring my pockets favors pounds over naira
Is a bit racist so what we have here
A bunch of wannabe;s
I the Rolly on my re so you want
one of these don’t you jump out the window
Wony you I know my smile provoke
you go ahead now stop on Faking
I take them shots why don’t you
My OG told me you ain’t easy to like
so they pretend to be your friend
Cuz you ain’t easy to fight it’s all
right see heavy is the head and my neck hurts
You focus on the best first I’m trying
to flip my network aiming higher than messages
P then to man built like me rarer than Le is ours
It’s lyrical genius how pressure this vows turn them to Diamonds
Yeah you welcome the pleasure is [Music] ours

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