Apala Interlude lyrics – Seyi Vibez

Apala Interlude lyrics

Apala Interlude lyrics by Seyi Vibez
Apala Interlude lyrics

Apala Interlude lyrics by Seyi Vibez reflect his journey in perfecting his sound, a tapestry woven with passion, dedication, and an unwavering belief in his voice. Each note he sings possesses the power to touch hearts, uplift souls, and create moments of pure magic.

For Seyi Vibez, perfection is not a destination but an ongoing pursuit. Every artist, whether the greatest vocalists or humble beginners, embarks on this path of refinement. The relentless pursuit of excellence helps uncover hidden gems within his voice and unleashes its true potential.

The lyrics of “Apala Interlude” also highlight that Seyi Vibez has never shied away from exploration. His voice is a kaleidoscope of colors waiting to be discovered. Trying different genres and experimenting with styles allows his voice to traverse the vast landscapes of music. Embracing versatility enriches his artistry and adds depth to his sound.

Seyi Vibez – Apala interlude lyrics

E ma se yan to to eledumare
Mo fi tolorun siwaju
Mo bo awon agbagba
Tomode ta gba
Orin ni mo n ko
Ki n ma Fenu ko
Awa le ma deba
Orin ta ko
Lo gba laker
Slim shawty, Thick shawty
Won gba Tiwa
Omo jaye jaye
MKO Abiola
Owe owe
E pe loseyi kin gbo se ti
Loseyi loseyi mi o
Ki o gbo
Ki o to

Won gbadun e ( won gbadun e)
Won ji soro (won ji soro)
Mo ko Fuji o (won fe ko Fuji o)
Mo kapala o (won kapala o)
Neyo stoner loni n korin apala
Igbo ti mo yi lano (oyi o)
Omo to mogbe lano (omo poly o)
Bo se n rolley o (rolley o)
I never marry o (marry o)
Omo uni oo (uni o)
Omo uni o (uni o)
Twerking on YouTube o (youtube o)
Twerking on YouTube o (youtube o)
I go tell mummy o (mummy o)
I go tell daddy o (daddy o)

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Jo disco o (disco o)
Baba loseyi mi o (disco o)
Iya lati eh (disco o)
Oluwanishola (disco o)
Eje mi ni germain (disco o)
Arabambi o (disco o)
Odogwu you do all (disco o)
Owo baba bolu (disco o)
Adeleke (disco o)
Baba miliano (disco o)
Tony elumelu (disco o)
Izegere izege (disco o)

Jowie zaza (disco o)
Obi Cubana (disco o)
Owo omo igbo (disco o)
Oba Mayana (kosi shoro)
Oba elegushi (kosi shoro)
Mukada vado (kosi shoro)
Emini zanku (kosi shoro)
High fashion rahman jago (kosi shoro)
Bella dangbana (kosi shoro)
Odinaka poco (kosi shoro)
Dapper awo choppa (kosi shoro)

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