Businessman plans to fire an employee who hasn’t acknowledged a salary increase for several months.

Businessman plans to fire an employee who hasn't acknowledged a salary increase

A well-known businessman who identifies as KAA is set to sack one of his staff who failed to acknowledge a salary increment for months.

Sharing via his Facebook page, he revealed that he had chosen to increase all his staff’s salary by doubling it because of the high cost of fuel.

This particular employee who earned 100k started receiving 200k for the next four months but failed to appreciate or acknowledge it.

His boss however decided to return his salary to the normal amount, which caused the employee to finally speak up.

The post read;

“I have an employee whose monthly salary was N100,000. When the fuel pump price increased to N630 per liter, I quietly increased all my employee’s salaries and this particular guy’s salary was increased to N200,000.

He received this 200k for months without saying anything. Last month I decided to revert back to his old salary to know what he would do. Today he mustered the courage to send me the message below, feeling entitled to what’s not his own. Now his job hangs in the balance.”

The post has generated different reactions from internet users, while some blamed both parties for the situation, others noted that the employee is ungrateful.

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