Jangrova lyrics by Skepta ft Odumodublvck

Jangrova lyrics by Skepta ft Odumodublvck
Jangrova lyrics

Jangrova lyrics by Skepta ft Odumodublvck, Nigerian rapper ODUMODUBLVCK, and British actor-musician Idris Elba. The song is part of the soundtrack for Skepta‘s film “Tribal Mark,” depicting the story of a Nigerian immigrant in London.

The Yoruba word “Jangrova” serves as a refrain, echoing throughout the lyrics as the artists reflect on their past, present, and future.

The recurring phrase “Epo moto Jangrova” pays homage to a Nigerian nursery rhyme deeply rooted in childhood, bridging traditional rhymes with contemporary music. The phrase’s origins can be traced to Terry Apala’s work, incorporating it into his music.

The original nursery rhyme carries a playful cadence, metaphorically expressing joy and confidence. Skepta adds a London touch, playfully embracing misspellings and mispronunciations, showcasing the cross-cultural journey of the phrase.

The lyrics showcase the distinct styles and perspectives of the artists. Skepta reflects on his rise in the rap industry, indifferent to others’ opinions, referencing his Nigerian heritage and personal life. ODUMODUBLVCK blends English and Yoruba, boasting about his music, crew, and skills, challenging competitors. Idris Elba expresses his versatility as an entertainer, praising his African roots, physical appearance, and charisma.

“Jangrova” is a celebration of the artists’ identities, cultures, and talents, serving as a tribute to fans and a statement of confidence and resilience against stereotypes in the entertainment industry.

Skepta – Jangrova ft Odumodublvck lyrics

[Chorus: Skepta]
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova (Once upon a time)
Epo moto jangrova (Big Smoke), epo moto jangrova (Hahaha, yo)
Epo moto jangrova (Hahaha, yo, yo), epo moto jangrova (Agunechemba, greaze)
Epo moto jangrova (I don’t give a fuck they talkin’ ’bout), epo moto jangrova
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova (Olaitan from the village in a phantom)
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova (Ugo Monkey, ha)
Epo moto jangrova (Greaze), epo moto jangrova
Epo moto jangrova (Brrr), epo moto jangrova

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[Verse 1: Skepta]
All we know is get up and go (Ha)
And my palms are itchin’
Girl if ya down with me, let a man know (Ayo)
I can sell bread to a baker
Was out in the cold, tryna sell a man snow (Mm)
Stayed down ’til I came up
Tryna be the main character the second man blows
I didn’t wanna sit on the couch and just talk (Ha)
Nah, bro this is the Letterman show
Blud, I’m impatient (Boaw, boaw, boaw)
And I never play games, even when
I was on the PlayStation
This bad one sent me her location
I’m in the trap baby, I ain’t on a vacation
I need a hundred M’s, I don’t need one around me
Unless they on the same vibration (Nah)
I do business, robbin’ skets,
I paid jewels [?] run ya’ on a rotation
I’m straight off the runway,
back on the school run (Skrt)
Which car do I drive, gotta choose one
Little one, think she’s in Frozen, singin’ “Let It Go”
When we ride in the Tiffany, blue one
I know I’m on the top five rapper list
But who’s the number one? Dad, I’m the new one (Ayy)
They wanna see me on tour, I might do one
I feel the people in the crowd like

[Chorus: Skepta & ODUMODUBLVCK]
Epo moto jangrova (Fuck, fuck), epo moto jangrova
(Yeah, black sheep forever, black sheep for life
Izgaaju ’til we kpeme, Antiworld gangsters
G.E Records, you get me? ODUMODUBLVCK)
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova
Epo moto jangrova (Big Smoke), epo moto jangrova (NATIVE)
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova (Prra, prrrrra)
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova


Let their complications, don dey listen my music
They know my MO, na me be chosen
Skepin’ and Moses, upon all the disses
Na we dey run shit, who play, I must repeat (Eh?)
Gunshots for the men in the building (Baow)
All I know from the time wey they born me (Prra)
ODUMODU’ must blow, akaracha must come
Kalamantus, when I cock, them ah comport
No time for yama-yama
Na the same boys wey dey cause scatter-gather (Ayy)
Who the weigh, na the chain we go submit (Ayy)
Big Smoke on agbada, ta lo compete
Oginika wan suck and she no use teeth
Slippidy-sloppy, she loves to please me
NATIVE, na the gang they wan impeach (Baow)
Oya, I go service my pumpy (Grrt)

[Verse 3: Idris Elba]
Just swing by on a back and forth for a
quick sixteen in my size sixteens
Oi (Yeah), big old African man with a big white nose,
and I still look clean
Versatile, I go bust my verse in Pidgin and
you still defo know what I mean (Uh-huh)
And I own this ting (Oi), so I no dey steal no scenes
A is a minor, I move like a major, I’m runnin’
my tings from the back of my car
Got people that love me and people that hate me
And both of those people they know I’m a star (Ayy)
I like it that way, and I like who I am
And I’m makin’ the money, so watch from afar
Whether in London and whether in Lagos
My brothers and sisters, they know who I am

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[Outro: Skepta]
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova
Epo moto jangrova (Big Smoke), epo moto jangrova (NATIVE)
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova (Prra, prrrrra)
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova
Epo moto jangrova, epo moto jangrova

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